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MINX - Extending Fashion to your Fingertips & Toes.  The most talked about nail innovation.  Worn by every celebrity on the planet.  Long lasting and requires only heat and pressure.  Love Attention?  Love Minx!

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Have you been Minxed?


Minx nail  armour is the latest celebrity trend for todays fashion fingertips and an exciting addition to complement our manicure and pedicure treatments. Pick up any magazine today and you will see the likes of Lady GaGa, Victoria Beckham, Christina Aguillara, Rihanna and Beyonce wearing their Minx. There are hundreds of designs to choose from, they dont spill ,smudge or chip. We can style your nails to create a bold individual look that will make you you stand out from the crowd. Minx may also be worn on top of nail extensions. Ask about our MINX parties. Get your friends round and  Minx together (minimum of 5 people) Hostess gets hers half price. You can also combine this with a spray tan party for an ultra-glamorous look. Perfect for the up and coming party season


Minx your fingers - £25.00

Minx your toes


As there is such a fantastic array of designs to choose from, and we hold a limited stock, please browse and choose your design before booking your appointment with at least 3 days notice.

Click on the images above to view the range of differernt designs.



april 11 091

I put this design on my toes and 2 months later the design is still on!!

april 11 092 april 11 093 april 11 094

There are many copies of Minx nail systems but I use Genuine Minx designs.